Licensing and Manufacturing

Our Goal

To meet the urgent need for an ICU ventilator that is proven, reliable, and easy-to-use by enabling widely distributed manufacturing of The Winnipeg Ventilator globally.

To meet this goal, Winnipeg Ventilator Inc. and Starfish Medical have developed requirements using the UK MHRA Guidance for Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator Systems (RMVS) as well as the US FDA guidance document released in March 2020.

Winnipeg Ventilator Inc. (WVI) will support international groups looking to license this design to address the needs in their respective territory or region. To do this, WVI will provide a comprehensive technical production packet and expert engineering support to provide real-time interface with each licensee in order to expedite, facilitate and support local manufacturing of the updated Winnipeg Ventilator.

To inquire about licensing contact:

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